The Effect Of Body Building Steroids On Men And Women

Body BuildingBody building steroids are synthetic products that are quite similar to the natural hormones produced in the body. These hormones help you fight stress, promote growth and build muscles bcaa. These properties are what make synthetically manufactured steroids the popular choice of many. Many people who use body building steroids want to perform better, a few just want to look good. Whatever the reasons, it is only fair that you know the effects of body building steroids on your body.

Some of the most popular steroids used for body building include Testosterone, Dianabol and Anadrol. However, many body builders also use steroids to achieve greater control over their appetite and for converting body fat into muscle mass. So, the kind of body building steroids you choose really depends on the kind of effect you are looking for. Many people use different combinations to develop a physique and competitiveness that goes beyond normal.

Body building steroids and men:

Body building steroids have an anabolic effect in men. That is, they greatly boost the muscle building and muscle strengthening ability in men. When the proper use of steroids is combined with adequate exercise and the right kind of diet, many men experience a dramatic improvement in their physique. That is why many bodybuilders make the intake of bodybuilding steroids an important part of their fitness regime.

However, the effects of body building steroids on men are not all for the good. Some of the undesirable effects of steroids on men include:

anabolLoss of fertility due to lowered sperm count. In some people, this may even lead to sterility.
Increased aggression.
Heart problems.
Liver and kidney problems
Gynecomastia (women like breasts)
Withdrawal symptoms

Most of the undesirable side effects of body building steroids stem from the unnaturally high dosage administered by users. Also, steroids lead to increased deposits of estrogen in men, which may lead to some women-like characteristics in men.

Body building steroids and women:

Since body building steroids are rich in testosterone, they have a different kind of effect on women. In real 1000 terms, anabolic steroids are used by men so that they can enhance their manliness. That is why transsexual women who undergo surgery to become men are given high doses of steroids. So, it is only natural that women who use steroids will experience some changes in their secondary sexual characteristics.

Some of the most common negative side effects of steroids on women are:

Growth of dark facial hair
Liver and kidney damage
Loss of hair on the scalp
Enlargement of the clitoris
Reduction in the size of breasts
Increased cholesterol levels
Mood swings
Changed immune responsiveness
Problems in menstrual cycle
Increased risk of cervical cancer

The effects of body building steroids on abusers actually depend on a number of factors like age, type of steroid used and the duration of use. In many cases, steroids do not have any lasting effects on the body. However, it is also true that some people experience negative side effects even after a one-time cycle and even after the use has been discontinued for a long time. So, it is important that users know the risks they are taking before they start using body building steroids.